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Baja Trail Rides

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Explore Baja off-road motorsports and go to places no other riders have been. Ride Baja mountain  vistas, coastal beaches, hidden canyons and bath in a hot spring, all based from Coyote Cals’ Hostel.  Over twenty seldom used double and single track routes can be safety customized to your groups  riding skills on the Cheap!

Baja Trail Rides at Coyote Cal's

“Baja Trail Rides” Frequently Asked Questions Menu

What is the difference between ½ day and full day trail ride?

Trails can be customized for Advance, Intermediate or beginning riders, but they should not be combined, that is, the group can only go on trails that the least experience riders in the group can navigate. You could ride on the “Water Canyon Trail”, “No Tracks Trail”, “Bushwhacker Trail”, “Upper Crest Trail”, or “Wagon Wheel Rim Trail”. ½ day trail: Rides would start at 8:30am to Noon, (Lunch: At a local restaurant. The rider would pay for the meal.) After lunch, then back to Coyote Cal’s via a different route, at about 1:00pm or 1:30pm.

Full day trail: Rides would start at 8:30am to Noon, (Lunch: At a local restaurant. The rider would pay for the meal.) After lunch, a second loop ride and then back to Coyote Cal’s via a different route, at about 4:00pm or 5:00pm.  The ride needs to end one hour before sunset.

(This is called an “Hour Safety Zone”, time needed in case of mechanical or medical trouble.)

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What is a typical ½ day beginning tour?

“Water Canyon Trail” (Beginner)

The tour starts at Coyote Cal’s. The group rides toward San Vicente and ascends into the mountains, later making a return loop into San Vincente and then back to Coyote Cal’s.  The Water Canyon Trail is a scenic two track with many water crossings. It ends at a small river crossing with a hot spring. After that point it can go to many different single tracks or abandoned two track trails.

The track will go in a southerly direction and ends up back in San Vincente and then to Coyote Cal’s via a different route. Trails will be mountain crests with vistas on both sides on seldom used trails.

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What is a typical ½ day intermediate tour?

The trail would begin with the “Water Canyon Trail” as described in the beginning tour, but the trail would merge into the “No Tracks Trail”. It is a challenging mountain single track with beautiful Pacific Ocean and valley vistas.  The trail passes by a seldom used trail by a spring.

There are some extremely steep downhill trails, canyons to cross, tight single horse like trails, some overgrown brush, and some rocky areas.

There is also a peaceful oak grove.

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What is a typical ½ day advanced tour?

baja trail rides in coyote cal's
baja motorsports

Starting at Coyote Cal’s the group would leave along an ocean trail and ascended up the “Bushwhacker Trail”. Then it merges into the single track, “Upper Crest Trail”. The group would then go back down to the ocean on another single track trail with extremely challenging,

tight, up and down hill single track. There is some beach riding.

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What extra riding does a Full day tours have?

Full day rides will include a second loop with new track on the “Water Canyon Trail”, the “No Tracks Trail” or the “Wagon Wheel Rim Trail”.

(The full day loop has tight single track trails going through canyons, mountain ranges. It then alternates between two track and single track.

The ride takes you to Pacific Ocean mountain vistas, canyons, mountain ranges, and an oak tree canyon.)

The guide can regulate the ride according to group and rider ability.  There are twenty possible trails in the second loop.

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baja trail rides in coyote cal's

What is expected from the riders?

• Ride at a safe speed.

• Do not endanger other riders.

• No GPS equipment, no telephones with tracing, and no spot trackers. No “Go Pros”.  Still camera equipment is okay. (The reason for no GPS is that these trails need prior approval of ranchers.) The reward of making sure all in the group is not tracking is that the group goes on better trails!)

• This is a tour to explore Mexico and go to places other riders have never been.

This is not a race.

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baja trail rides in coyote cal's

Tools and equipment you will need

• Spare front tube

• Spare rear tube

• Specialized tools that their particular bike may need

• Plenty of water

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• One or two riders: ½ day $75.00 ea.    Full day $150.00

• Three or four riders:

• Five to ten riders:

• Eleven to twenty:

• For multiple day rides call for a discounted quote.

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• Bike rentals: ½ day: $250.00 day/person (Type of bike: 200, 250 or 400 XR).

• Full day is $300 per day/person.

• For WR 250 or WR450 bikes add $50.00.

• Safety equipment is included.

• Bikes will be delivered and pick-up at Coyote Cal’s free of charge.

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Since all riders will be required to sign a liability waver basically saying the riders ride at their own risk, all riders should have at least traveler’s insurance from the USA.  Off-road bikers insurance is also available through Baja Bound insurance.

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Booking Information

All bookings can be done through the Coyote Cal’s web site or by phone. When you make your booking please consider the following: March and April are the two busiest times of the year. The second busiest is December, January and February. (Plan at least three to four months advances notice plus a Credit card deposit to help insure booking dates.) During the winter one to four weeks advance booking is advised.

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Directions to Coyote Cal's

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Off-Road Truck and Quad Tours

There are three off-road racing trucks and one quad that can be rented for tours.  Please email or call for a quote if interested it this kind of motorsports.

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San Diego Airport Pick-up

Pick-up for the San Diego airport and transportation to Coyote Cal’s and back can be arranged.  However, you will need a special quote to cover this cost and service.

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About the Guide "Baja Larry"

Baja Larry has been riding trails in Mexico since 1975.  In addition, for over twenty five years, Larry has been making off-road trails for motorsports in the Baja area. These trails connect canyons to canyons and mountain ranges to other ranges and make up the bases of Baja Trail rides. He is considered the foremost expert in double and single track trail riding in Baja. He loves to go off the beaten track were nobody goes.

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