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Hostel Activities

Wandering what to do once you get here?

Coyote Cal's now has the Barefoot Cantina open with full bar services

We serve Pacific, Corona, Negor Modelo, Modelo Especial, XX lager, and Tecate beer along with all your favorite mixed drinks. Our tequila bar has over 80 different tequilas.  One of the best selections in Baja! Open between 10am to 2am with happy hour is between 5:00pm through 6:00pm. (Note: Store bought alcohol is not allowed in the bar area.) Free camp fires on Friday and Saturday are favorite times with our guest.  WiFi is available to all guests, including campers, in the bar area. The Thai massage spa is located next to the bar and is out of this world. (Learn More).


Except for breakfast, there is no regular food service at the hostel. Catered meals for groups are available with prepayment during your booking.

Prices run about $13usd to $28usd per person for a family style dinner.

(See Menu)


Full kitchen services are available. There are local stores near the hostel to buy food inexpensively. The best day to shop is Saturday! I suggest you stop in Ensenada at a local supermarket, "Calimax" or "Soriana" and pick up what you need there. Suggested items to buy are: meat, chicken, veggies, fruits, pastas, juices, milk, cereals, salsa, lemons, bread, pastries and tortillas. Fish and crab are fresh and cheap here.

Plan on one meal of fish! There is one great restaurant "Gloria's”.

You can't go wrong eating there!


Coyote Cal's! Experience the Magic!

Our own private little beach, with soft silky sand is as close as the front door. Dance the night away in front of our fantastic airbrushed underwater scene created by famed Mexican artist Armando Alonzo Gonzales.

Señor Gonzales' work is known from Ensenada, to Mazatlan to Cancun.

He has graced the walls of Hussongs, Papas and Beer, Rockodile and Senor Frogs and we are proud to be a part of this gifted artists repertoire.


Coyote Cal's Mountain Biking

Mountain biking at Coyote Cal's and Baja in general, can be described in two words. World class! Although I myself am not in near the physical condition it takes to tackle this terrain, I have been told by hard-core peddlers, that this is some of the best and most extreme mountain biking available. It is precisely for this reason that we went out and bought 4 brand new mountain , rental is $10/day. That is of course, if you don't bring your own ride.


Route maps to The Volcano, The Sea Caves, Half Moon Bay and Sunset Beach are available. I have omitted the mountain, however, they are called mountain bikes and if you crest the mountain and return the bike and yourself in one piece, your autographed photo will proudly be displayed on the wall of the Barefoot Cantina.


These routes by no way limit your possibilities. You are welcome to do your own path-finding and ride into the sunset. If you do, don't forget to take a flashlight, along with the appropriate apparel, water, sunscreen and a hat. The sun gets intense at mid-day. Set your sights on Coyote Cal's.  "Old Baja Adventure".

X-treme mountain biking, if you've got the huevos!


coyote cal's hiking
coyote cal's view from air

Nature and Wildlife at Coyote Cal's

Whale Watching


The Pacific coast is the migration route of the California Gray whale, and the home of many playful dolphins. Coyote Cal's Baja Hostel is the best place for whale watching in Baja. See the longest migration of any mammal on the face of this planet, some 7,500 miles, from Alaska down the Pacific coast, along the Baja coast to lagoons at San Ignacio, Magdalena, and Scammons Bay.

If you have never witnessed this I can assure you that it is in one word, "Awesome!" The voyage south takes 4 months, between December and January. The return journey and viewing from our location is between February through April. During Easter time is the best viewing from Coyote Cal’s.


Many people have watched in awe as they blast water from their enormous lungs, up to twenty feet in the air, breach the water, sometimes 40 times in one sighting and put on a display which is truly breathtaking. Some have been known to spend an entire week just swimming around the lagoon in front of Coyote Cal's. I guess they like it here as much as we do! Bring your camera (binoculars are here), for some close-ups and join us for this fabulous show.


Coyote Cal's Hiking

The best way to appreciate the beauty of Baja and the surrounding countryside is to employ the mode of transport preferred by earlier hikers in the area, such as famous pioneers and explorers as Walker and Crockett.


We have (5) world class hikes in the area:

The Mountain, The Volcano (Mt. Flush), Sea Caves, The Castanza Trail and The Rock paintings.

Experience sea caves to mountains and volcanoes to a wave sculptured coastline complete with blow holes.

Amidst "Magae" and "Coastal Sage", the coast of Baja is and probably will remain to be a truly unspoiled paradise, for many years to come.


Equipment you'll want to bring/wear if you're gonna go hiking; a comfortable pair of closed toe walking shoes or boots, walking stick, water, sunscreen and a hat. And don't forget your camera!


Hiking... just step into history and Old Baja Adventure. Enjoy!


Flora and Fauna

You don't have to go to far to enjoy the local flora and fauna You can kick back on one of the decks with a pair of binoculars, go for a stroll along the coast or into the hills and canyons surrounding Coyote Cal's.



Local vegetation includes many beautiful varieties of cactus, Magae (century plant), as well as medicinal herbs and fresh spices to enhance your meals. Among the cacti are Nopal which grows wild in the surrounding area. The fruit of this cactus is called Prickly Pear and when ripe it reddens. Mmmm. Gloves are a good idea.



There are over 30 varieties of Sage in Baja. Pineapple Sage grows wild all over this area and is plentiful. Help yourself.



A soft pliable indiscriminate looking bush. If you break a stalk a white milky liquid will reveal itself. It has a distinctive medicinal smell The stalk can be boiled into a tea. I have been told that it controls Diabetes, high blood pressure and stomach ulcers.



Also known as ephedra, from which Ephedrine is derived. Boiled into a pleasant tasting tea, this cleanses your liver and kidneys. When you live in Mexico and stay at Coyote Cal's you party.

A lot. Cleansing of the liver is a pretty good idea!


Agricultural Paradise

Because an Ejido is an agricultural co-op they grow everything from Asparagus, to tomatoes, zucchini, artichokes.... and more, you get the idea :) You can pick enough for personal use without anyone blinking an eye. If you fill up the bed of your pickup truck, however, you may attract a little attention. It doesn't get any fresher than that.


Olives, grapes, bananas, citrus fruits, figs, peaches, melons, avocado and other fruit are also plentiful.

They are also extremely cheap and can be purchased in any store in town.

There's three stores in this bustling metropolis!




Birds, Bugs, Rabbits and Dolphins

The local wildlife is also interesting. Baja is the home of some of the best quail hunting in the world. It's not uncommon to see a dozen or so wandering across the property, especially in the morning. And hundreds of rabbits that call Baja home, and if you're lucky you may spot a coyote roaming the hills.


Bird species include many aquatic birds and a variety of eagles, hawks and vultures.

You will awaken to a chorus every morning. Gnat catchers, mocking birds, morning doves and hundreds of humming birds enjoy Baja's plants and insects.

On the 21st of March, like clockwork, we are invaded by thousands of swallows. They build their nests, raise their young and disappear, only to repeat the process the next Spring.


We also have our share of interesting local insects and reptiles; tarantula hawks, a variety of butterflies and moths, stick beetles and mantises, scorpions and tarantulas. Do I have your attention? I am primarily shoeless here and I have not had an incidence since I've been here the past fourteen months. Basically, if you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. It is a good idea however to shake out your shoes in the morning. Scorpions like to hide in the toes. This could prove to be a little unpleasant, but not life threatening.



Lizards are plentiful and small, but snakes however can be relatively large. Although not dangerous to humans, the largest is probably a King snake. I have seen them four to five feet long. Rattlesnakes on the other hand can be nasty, but at least they give you plenty of warning to get out of their way. I have only seen one since I've been here.



Last, but certainly not least, are the Dolphins which constantly swim up and down the coast. If you've never seen a dolphin in the wild I can assure you it is a wonderful experience. Don't be surprised to be visited while your surfing. They like to join in on the action. Of course there are also seals that enjoy the lagoon and will serenade you throughout the evening.

Coyote Cal's ... Nature's gifts for you to enjoy.



Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels Entertainment

We believe in and promote inter-activity here at Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels. It's a special way to understand and enjoy other cultures and all the diversities that they represent. That is after all why you embarked on your adventure, isn't it? Well, that and your love for traveling.


In the years that our Mexican Hostels have been in this business we have witnessed the creation of many new friendships, from many parts of the world. It is a wonderful feeling to help create, and to participate in a project which purpose is to enlighten, entertain and teach people about a different part of the world. We couldn't think of a more beautiful location to enlighten you than here.


We have a variety of musical instruments at Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels including guitars and percussion instruments, all here for you. If you so desire, or are inclined pick them up and enjoy them. We are always adding to the collection.


In the games room you will find a pool table, ping-pong table and a dart board. Pool is dollar a game, the others are free. Change, paddles, balls, darts etc., can be picked up at reception desk. There has been some wicked tournaments, and I'm sure there will be loads more in the future.


In addition our Mexican Hostels have added to our recreational selection, horseshoe pits, and corn hole.  We will have some great competitions for shots, shirts and prizes in the near future.


If it's board games that you enjoy, we have a selection of these too. As mentioned in house and beach parties we have an extensive collection of music for all tastes and hundreds of movies for you to choose from, so you can bet that we will do our best to entertain you.

Coyote Cal’s Mexico Hostels, fun & inter-activity. Come play!



House & Beach Parties

Life is a party at Coyote Cal's and you're always invited!

We believe and promote interactivity at Coyote Cal's and what better way to interact than to party with cool people from all points of the globe.


Our great sound system, and pounding speakers are mounted inside the hostel and outside, at the Barefoot Cantina. Sure to get your feet tapping, and your body moving. We have a complete selection of music from Rock to Blues, Reggae to Rap and everything in between. We have popular music in our library from countries around the world, to make you feel at home in paradise. How do you spell party?


night life at coyote cal's

The Mountain

Although this is a rather small mountain, according to the guests who have challenged it, it is a test of endurance and stamina.

Walk the trail that starts directly behind Coyote Cal’s and you will cross a grassy plain. The rise will take you through chaparral and a variety of cactus and local flora. I’ve been told that the best ascent is on the north side where you will attain a height of 600 ft at the summit.


For a more radical climb ascend the South face and descend the North. You should bring extra water if you’re going to go this route!

Spectacular views of the north and south coasts will present themselves. The record for this particular trek is one hour and forty-five minutes,

(a guest from New Zealand), although the average time is four hours to the summit and back. Long pants are a must.

By the way, I know what’s up there. So you can’t try to tell me that you made it if you didn’t


The Volcano

A longer, however less strenuous trek is to the coastal volcano, approximately 8 miles to the South of the hostel. This hike will take you across three pristine and unspoiled beaches, "River Mouth", "Malibu Beach" and finally "Windmill" the black sand, volcanic beach south of the volcano.

While at the volcano you can walk up and into its opening, where about 300,000 years ago, all hell broke loose. The volcanic eruption launched lava all the way to the ocean, creating tide pools the size of swimming pools and small islands you can explore!


The tide creates hundreds of waterfalls. If it gets a little warm, no worries, just stroll onto the beach and take a quick dip.

The tide pools and sea life are well worth it. Seals, to flocks of pelicans, countless species of ocean birds, and the ever present dolphins.

Shorts are sufficient for this trek.


Old Baja Adventure is as extreme and ruggedly beautiful as it was a thousand years ago!



The Sea Caves

Definitely for the hard-core hiking enthusiast, the Sea Caves are the longest and probably the most rewarding of hikes.

It's non stop scenic beauty that will take you beyond the volcano and back in time. You will feel as though you are the first person to set foot on the ground you will be covering.

Unspoiled, rugged and breathtaking are words that come to mind. Sweat, sore feet and sore muscles will probably be a part of the experience as well.


This hike is definitely not for the weak of heart. The three to eight hour range is as follows. Three hours,  if you drive to Mt Flush and hike from there. six hours if you’re prepared to go all the way!

The directions to Mt Flush are straight forward and I’ll advise you if you decide to tackle this trek. So, we’ll start from Ft Flush and take you along what the lads have so aptly named:

The Castanza Trail


The Castanza Trail

The most difficult part of the walk is from the camp to the cave. Wear good walking shoes as rock hopping is essential from camp to cave.

Total walking time for this stretch is about three hours and thirty minutes, via road, walking quickly with no stopping.


All the equipment noted on the hiking page is recommended, as well as extra water, some munchies and of course a flashlight, with extra batteries are necessities. Take whatever else you think may enhance our trek and have fun! Upon your return, treat yourself to a cold beer. You deserve it!



All year, Erendira has two fish markets with fresh catch of the day!  Many local Mexican divers and friends of Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels arrive with freshly caught fish, clams and other sea food, to sell to our guests at bargain prices. (Bartering is an accepted practice).


We'll help you cook em up or barbecue them on the kitchen deck gas grill, and cook up a feast in one of our two kitchens. How's that for Mexican Hostel cuisine? It doesn't get much better, or fresher than that.


Fresh fish, crab claws from Castro's Fish Camp, and unlimited fresh mussels is always available. If you love sea food, partying, good music, good friends and good times, then Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels is the place to be. The Baja California extreme, extreme fun, extreme eats! Yee ha!


Other fresh produce and grocery items can be found in two for the towns markets.  Many great restaurants are in the area along with some of Coyote Cal’s fine menu items.



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