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Baja Bound Mexican Insurance Services

Here at Coyote Cal's we highly recommend you to get insurance services before taking a motorsports ride at baja. Remember! Safety is a number one priority. For more information click here!

Baja Bound

Tim Morton's Baja Bound

Come visit Coyote Cal's here in to baja and check out some trips and trail rides with Tim Morton's Baja Bound. If you want to learn more about this go to right now!

Baja Bound

Desert Assassins

Trips, trails and more at Coyote Cal's! with Desert Assassins you will find out some different events and activities to do here at baja! Go to to learn more.

Dessert Assassins

Baja Trail Rides

Ride along through some awesome baja trails at Coyote Cal's! Get more information at


Baja Trail Rides in Coyote Cal's

Enduro 360 Baja Rides

If you would like to take a ride at Coyote Cal's and go enduro in baja visit for more information!


Enduro 360 at coyote cal's

Travel to Baja!

Baja Trek is your best option to come visit our hostel and explore Baja México. for more information visit


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