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Coyote Cal's Services & Pricing

Services Include

Laundry Facility, BBQ, Pool Table, Barefoot Bar, Thai Massage,  Spa, Kitchen, Sheets & Pillows, Gas and Parts for motorcycles,

Breakfast and dinners, event planning, & Awesome Views. We also have equipment rentals for fun in the sun,

(bikes, kayaks, mask/snorkel/fins, wet suits, surf boards, paddle boards, and boogie boards).


Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available!

All private rooms for couples, including the Crow’s Nest can now be reserved!


Check-out is 11am.  (4:30pm for fishermen on charted boats.)

Nightly Rates (16% sales tax not included)

(Pets are welcome on the property, but not inside a building.)


• Bunk Beds

• Single Room

• Tent Sites / RV Sites

Longer Stay Rates

$25.00 per person

$55.00 per couple (Single Rooms two per room only.)

$10.00 per person (without hostel use)

$15.00 per person (with hostel use)

• Weekly

• Monthly

$150.00 per person

$525.00 per person

Daily Gear Rentals







$25 to $45.00/day


(Rentals are on a daily bases, all equipment is to be checked-in at the end of the day.)


• Surf Boards

• Wet Suits

• Mask, Fins & Snorkel

• Mountain Bikes

• Body Boards

• Kayaks (With bait tank)

• Paddle boards






















• Fish: Thai red curry in coconut sauce served over Ling Cod/Halibut

  and Jasmine Rice, ice cream or cake.


• Chicken: Thai red curry in coconut sauce served over boneless
  chicken and Jasmine Rice, ice cream or cake.


• Steak: Mesquite BBQ Porterhouse steak, (1.0 pounds)

  with baked potato and banana split. (Half order, $8usd less)


• Chicken: Mesquite BBQ Chicken with potatoes or Jasmine rice,

   ice cream or cake.


• Beef: Coyote Cal’s special Baja 500 spaghetti with garlic bread,

  ice cream or cake. This sauce is meaty!


• Fish: Seasonal fish, (Yellow tail, halibut, ling cod or Black sea bass)

  seared in an iron skillet with Jasmine Rice, ice cream or cake.


• Fish taco dinner made with ling cod, rice, beans salad and cake.

















• Coyote Cal’s Classic

   One fried ranch egg, and half of a waffle or two eggs


• Asian Classic

  One bowl of noodles, and one ranch egg


• Fishermen’s Classic

   One ranch egg, half of a waffle, and coffee.

   (Served only between 5:30am to 6:30am)


• Gringo Classic

   Two fried ranch eggs, and one waffle


• Dirt Riders Classic

   Two fried ranch eggs, one waffle, two strips of bacon, and coffee


Royal Thai Massage

School & Spa Prices


• Thai Massage

• Oil Massage

• Thai Oil Massage

• Face and Foot/Reflexology



Spa Services





School Tuition






$70.00/HR $40.00/ ½ HR

$70.00/HR $40.00/ ½ HR

$70.00/HR $40.00/ ½ HR


$70.00/HR $30.00/ 20 mins.








$250.00               $800.00*

$200.00               $750.00*

$200.00               $750.00*

(PER DAY)         (30 HOURS)*

thai massage school


Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels Email Us Call from USA: 011 52 646 154 4080

Ave. 13 De Diciembre No. 126 Eréndira C.P. 22904

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