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Basic Off-Road Routes Options for Northern Baja to Coyote Cal’s

Use these map directions and notes to plan your trip to Coyote Cal’s.  By connecting and reversing these Baja off-road trails, you can plan your routes from Ensenada, Tecate, Mike’s Sky Ranch, Rancho El Coyote, and the Old Mill in San QuintÍn. (The AAA map, as shown in the map page, is accurate and shows most of the major intersections. Read it carefully and you should be able to follow any of these routes.) Go to map

Tecate via Ojos Negros through Santo Tomas and out to the Coast to Coyote Cal’s

Park your vehicles on the US side of Tecate. There is a vehicle storage area with great security and is fairly inexpensive. Your bikes can ride to the front of the boarder wait upon your return. FastLane passes are available at Coyote Cal’s for chase trucks returning home via TJ/San Diego. Fuel range is about 65 miles. ( Santa Veronica to Ojos Negros ) The easiest way to start is to leave east out of Tecate on the free road. Go ten (10) miles past the small town of Loma Tova which has a Pemex and regular gasoline. About two miles past Loma Tova you make a right turn toward Rancho Santa Veronica, this is a dirt road that is well marked and well traveled. This road marks the beginning of the Compadre Road or more commonly known as the Compadre Trail.
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The Compadre Trail passes the well known area of Santa Veronica which has a lot of trail opportunity. This trail is about 55 miles, and this two track trail is in good condition all the way to Ojos Negros. It passes Compadre Ranch, the trails namesake. Fuel is available at the ranch but don’t count on it. The trail is well marked; there are a few turns off the southerly trail as you are riding to Ojos Negros, but nothing that would inadvertently take you off the main trail. The Compadre Trail is easy to follow, and well marked on the AAA map. As you near Ojos Negros, the road makes a decisive turn to the west and brings you straight into Ojos Negros. ( Ojos Negros to Coyote Cal’s ) Once in Ojos Negros, proceed south out of town, about one mile on pavement to Hwy-3. There is a Pemex with gasoline available. To continue, you travel straight across the payment into Ojos Negros, continuing south as you head to the area call Tres Hermanos. This is a common Baja 1000 race course graded road, and easy to travel. It’s about 20 miles south on this piece of road to Tres Hermanos. From there you continue directly south. There are some smaller roads that intersect off the trail, but remember to stay on a southerly route where the road is most traveled. South of Tres Hermanos you will pass over a small mountain pass called El Pedregoso and then down into what is known as Lagrama, at this point the route becomes a little more difficult. There is a fairly steep rocky downhill, and the road is very rutted. This is an intermediate area for motorcycles and advanced for ATVs and side-by-sides. The road now heads westerly and goes into the small town of Uruapan. At this point it hits Hwy-1. Turn south on Hwy-1, and travel about five miles into Santo Tomas. This is your next available gas. From the Pemex in Santo Tomas, you will continue on the pavement south, about half a mile, and make the first obvious right hand turn into the dirt through the little town area. The road climbs sharply up the hill. This road continues out to the coast. Beware of oncoming traffic. This route is suitable for most vehicles, some rocks and sand. You will go about fourteen (14) miles and come to a major left hand turn. Take that turn. If you go straight and not take the turn, it will take you to the lighthouse at Punta San Jose. It’s a nice ride out there but the road dead ends and you will have to return to the intersection and go south to follow the coast. You will wind through the hills. In a few miles you will see the ocean. This trail becomes the Southerly Coast Route. Just follow the coast and it will take you to Coyote Cal’s, located on the left hand side of the road at the north end of the town of Erendira. Fuel, Motorcycle repair parts, Bar, Food, Massage and safe lodging available at Coyote Cal’s.

Laguna Hason Trail the alternate trail option in place of the Compadre Trail

( La Rumorosa to Ojos Negros ) Instead of starting south at the San Veronica, El Hongo area, continue farther east to La Rumorosa. This is clearly marked on the AAA map. From La Rumorosa you need to pick up the dirt road south that will take you towards the Parque National, also known as Laguna Hason and the pine forest. This track is not obvious, it tricky to pick-up. But there are markers along the way to tell you are headed south to the national park. Ultimately this trail will take you past Laguna Hason, don’t expect to see any water there, but it has a very beautiful view. About four miles south of Laguna Hason, there is a very popular stopping spot known as Ramonus, or more commonly known as The Saw Mill. It is a small housing area with gas. Food is also available. From Ramonus continue on the same route that will start to turn west taking you to Ojos Negros. There are at least two different turns where you can turn to the south to hit Hyw-3 before coming to Ojos Negros or you can continue on the primary dirt road, and it will take you into Ojos. Once in Ojos Negros you can pick of the southerly route a described above. This route is about 60 miles between gas stops.
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Ensenada to Ojos Negros to Tres Hermanos to Valle de  la Trinidad using the Power line Trail to Camalu and Coyote Cals. (Loop Route)

This is a full day ride for most groups and a little more technical than the Tecate trails. ( Ensenada to El Alamo ) Start in Ensenada and go east on Hwy-3. Take this Hwy to Ojos Negros. Just a half mile east of the Pemex station on Hwy-3, you will turn right on a major graded road, to Tres Hermanos. Nothing on this part of the trail will be marked. It is not on your AAA map. You will just have to know that this is the only major road going south. The trail continues south about twenty (21) miles from Ojos to Tres Hermanos. At this point it is very important for you to make a left hand turn from under the oak trees to follow the principal race course; this is slightly different than how the road leads you. The road will first take you east then south toward El Alamo. The route from Tres Hemanos starts out as a sand-wash. As you go through the sand-wash, at some point you will make a right hand turn to the south out of the sand-wash and pick-up the old two-track road. This road is an intermediate level for motorcycles, it is rocky, and it features many rain-ruts and goes over a small mountain pass. It goes about twelve (12) to fifteen (15) miles, wandering through the mountains and brings you down into a small housing area known as El Alamo. The rutted road will merge into a major graded road that will head east that will take you out to the pavement to Hwy-3. The distance between Tres Hermanos to El Alamo is about twenty-five (25) miles and will take you about an hour to complete.
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( Independencia to Mike’s Sky Ranch and El Coyote ) Once you hit Hwy-3 you will be north of the area of Independencia. Turn south on Hwy-3 and continue about twenty (20) miles to Valle de la Trinidad. Gas is available here. From Valle de la Trinidad you will be heading toward Mike’s Sky Ranch. You will take a major dirt road, along the power line heading south out of town. This is a well marked turn. This trail runs about ten (10) miles through the mountains. The trail is a very gentle route. At a point you will come to a road junction where you will make a left hand turn. The trail continues for another ten (10) miles and dead-end at Mike’s Sky Ranch Road. When the road dead-ends, you will turn to the right and proceed south about another eight (8) miles into Mike’s Sky Ranch. This road passes through a mountain area. The road is in good condition. ( Colonet to Coyote Cal’s ) Go through the town of Colonet and cross over the major wash/bridge. Take an immediate left. That will take you to San Antonio Del Mar. It’s a good graded road that will take you to the coast. From there you can start north following the coastal route up to Coyote Cal’s, just north of Erendira. Parts of the coastal trail are rough because they are part of the Score 500, 1000 race course. This route is suitable for off road capable vehicles; rocks, sand and some rough road and whoops. Initially this route can be difficult to follow because of the many agricultural roads that intersect. Just keep heading north. As you approach Erendira you will pass coastal homes and farm fields. Cross the sand wash and turn left at the south end of Erendira on a paved road. Coyote Cal’s is north about three miles and is located at the end of the power poles. Look for palm trees and a large white building. Fuel, Motorcycle repair parts, Bar, Food, Massage and safe lodging available at Coyote Cal’s.

The Cross-Over Trail the alternate trail option in place of the southerly Power line Trail

(Valle de la Trinidad to Coyote Cal’s ) In place of the Power Line Trail to Mike’s you can take a faster trail called the Cross-Over Trail or also known as the Calantura Trail. About three miles south of Valle de la Trinidad at the substation you make a right hand turn to follow the major Calantura Trail. Most of it is graded and it goes over one mountain pass. There are short parts of it that are rocky and narrow. But in general it is a good and easy trail to ride that takes you about thirty-five (35) miles to hit Hwy-1 at Calantura. From Calantura turn north on Hwy-1 toward San Vicente go about four (4) miles. Make a left hand turn on a major graded road just half mile past the Rancho Santa Marta School. This road goes about three (3) miles makes a left hand turn then a quick right hand turn to continue out to the coast. This trail is called the Cerro Solo Trail. It is about ten (10) miles to the coast from the two turns. Once you reach the coast turn north to Coyote Cal’s, located north of Erendira. Fuel, Motorcycle repair parts, Bar, Food, Massage and safe lodging is available at Coyote Cal’s.

San Quintin to Coyote Cal’s in Erendira

Basically the coastal trail from San Quintin to Coyote Cal’s is achieved by following the most well traveled coastal road. It is a challenging ride because the trail changes a little in the area around the Punta Colonet/Cobo Colonet.  In addition, there are many alternate routes because many people in the area use the coast and make many alternate ways of getting there.  This allows you to change up your trip and maybe use the coastal route going down and the mountain crest route coming up.


Starting at San Quintin hotels like the Old Mill, Santa Maria, or Jardines, you travel north to Lazaro Cardenas. In areas like Lazaro Cardenas it is possible to ride on the beach. There is a section that goes between Lazaro Cardenas and the Rio Santo Domingo river mouth/Vicente Guerrero area where you can ride about seventeen (17) miles of beach. Another beach run is available about five (5) south of Erendira. It is best to plan your ride during low tides in these areas.


A Punta Camalu you have a choice of following the coastal route to Ship Wrecks, Freighters, Robert’s Lefts, Quatro Casas and then to Punta San Telmo. At Cabo Colonet you can continue the coastal route or follow the river bed to Colonet for gas and food.


san quintin trail ride

At Punta Camalu you can ride the mountain crest trails that at first travel north-east and parallel Hwy-1, then turns back west and connects to the coastal trails near San Antonio Del Mar. You can also follow a mountain trail starting north of Colonet running north-west and south of Rincon de Guadalupe and ends at the coast near Cerro Solo.

Once at Colonet follow the direction from Colonet to Coyote Cal’s. Fuel, Motorcycle repair parts, Bar, Food, Massage and safe lodging is available at Coyote Cal’s.

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